Ok, ok, ok. I was doing laundry in my apartment building and I was bored while I was waiting for the first washer to finish filling up before starting the next one — you know, because there’s a sign on the wall that says to wait 3 minutes before starting the second washer or else they’ll overflow.

So, I’m waiting, I’m staring at the sign on the wall and I noticed that I could see through the paper to what was printed on the other side. I’m pretty good at reading things backwards if I do say so myself. When I saw the letters “nrop eerf” bleeding through from the other side of the paper, I got a pain in my gut.

Check it out:

The Laundry RoomThe Signage in QuestionThe Nasty Signage Reversed

This mystery leaves so many questions unanswered. Was it my landlord that printed this out? You’ll see that I’ve blurred out the Yahoo! user name in the photo. Why would they print that out? Why wouldn’t they be embarrassed about putting that up on the wall?! What kind of dirty bird would do something like that?

You’ll notice this post is also an excuse for me to try out the Lightbox.js script. What do you think? It took about 5 minutes to get it up and running on my site, I highly recommend it!

Also, one more thing, since you all are mostly web devs and designers maybe you can help me. I’ve added float: left to the above thumbnail images, and I can’t remember how to get them all vertically flush, rather than staggering down-ward. Any ideas? My CSS chops are getting rusty with all this IA work I’ve been doing lately. Too much time spent in Visio. Well, any time spent in Visio is too much time spent in Visio, but I digress…